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The Kinder Boutique is a Mother and Child boutique, the one-stop boutique for all maternity and baby needs. We believe that every baby is meant to be loved and cared with a touch of tenderness. Accordingly Mother and Baby are conceptualized with the purpose of providing safe and healthy products. It caters to the needs of new parents and new born babies with its wide range of quality products. We provide an impressive assortment of nursing & cosmetic products, toys, books, health care, games, baby products, clothing, and new mom essentials.

We clutch products ranging from diapers, apparel, mom and baby essentials to traditional toys from across India, and lots of goodies. For Mother and Baby we are proud to provide a wide selection of familiar favourites, as well as introduce exciting new brands and products all the time.

When a baby is born, amidst all the excitement and overwhelming moments, a parent’s mind will be full with several queries relating to the right kind of caretaking which is needed for the little one. Along with baby products, we are here to guide the parents on how to nurture their babies in a special and safe way by enriching them with the right kind of knowledge. Making a baby smile is the most exciting job ever and we take this job very intensely

We promise an enjoyable shopping experience ever.


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Kinder Womens Hospital & Fertility Center PVT Ltd

Maruthorvattom Temple
Road Near N.H 47.
Cherthala-688539 Kerala, India

Kinder Medical Service Pvt. Ltd

Kadavil Castle, Pukkattupady Road
Toll Junction, Edappally
P.O Kochin-682024 India
Tel:(91)434-405 4000

Kindorama Pte Ltd

290 Orchard Road
The Paragon, Unit #07-02.

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