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Kinder Clinic is a paediatric specialist group practice which was established in year 2000. Over a period of seven years, the group rapidly expanded into 6 specialty clinics. It provides the full range of paediatric services from newborn intensive care to general paediatrics to various paediatric sub-specialities working out of its various clinic premises as well as all the private hospitals in Singapore

Kinder Medical Group – Singapore

Kinder Medical Group is a privately held company which has grown from being one of the largest paediatric group practices in Singapore to a regional healthcare company with a focus on women and children’s health. The focus of Kinder Medical Group (KMG) is in the planning, designing, building and setting up of hospitals and continuing to own and manage these healthcare investments. Parallel to these hospital investments, KMG also owns and manages medical services in Singapore through Kinder Clinic Pte Ltd.!


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Kinder Women's Hospital & Fertility Center PVT Ltd

Maruthorvattom Temple
Road Near N.H 47.
Cherthala-688539 Kerala, India

Kinder Medical Service Pvt. Ltd

Kadavil Castle, Pukkattupady Road
Toll Junction, Edappally
P.O Kochin-682024 India
Tel:(91)434-405 4000

Kindorama Pte Ltd

290 Orchard Road
The Paragon, Unit #07-02.

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